Installation by Location


Aluminum Trims and Transitions aren’t just an upgrade, they’re a sustainable solution that protect flooring surfaces and residents. 


Find out why so many architects, contractors, and installers have come to rely on Futura Transitions to take their flooring projects from good to remarkable.



Transitions that Transform: Hospitality Solutions


Navigating the complexity of flooring design in hospitality settings can be a daunting task. Hotels encounter daily wear and tear from the relentless traffic of guests, staff, luggage, and housekeeping carts. Simultaneously, there is an imperative need to align with the guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act, ensuring every guest experiences an environment of safety and accessibility.



Futura Transitions has created several purpose-built transitions and trims to meet the needs of Health Care spaces. 


For years, healthcare design professionals have relied on extruded aluminum flooring transitions because of their superior edge protection properties, durability in high-traffic areas, and safety.



Transitions that Transform: Office Space


Installers and contractors must ensure that the finished installation, including any Futura Transitions product, complies with current ADA standards when the project specifies an ADA requirement.